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All human life is here, (and the Sacred Cows)the wonderful colours, dancing and music, buying and selling, just be careful where you put your feet.

Girls in their Shalwa Kameez, Pushkar

Vegetable Lady, Jaisalmer

Outside the Bramah Temple, Pushkar

Sacred Cows, Jaisalmer

Dancing in the streets, Jaisalmer

Sari Shop

Man selling fans made from Peacock Feathers

Marigold Garlands

Snack Stall, Pushkar

Diwali Decoration, Jaisalmer

Bhang Shop, Jaisalmer

Good Luck Charm,Seven Chillies and a lime

Through an Arch, Pushkar

Vegetable sellers with Ivory bangles as protection from the sun

Sweetmaking in Mandawa

Sadhus in Jaisalmer

Instrument maker and musician