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The Camel Mela in Pushkar, Rajasthan, takes place annually at the time of the November full moon, Kartik Purnima.As the Kartik new moon appears, Camel & Cattle breeders from the surrounding desert set out for the Mela.As the animals are traded the fairground gradually empties, and then the village of Pushkar celebrates, and the waters in the lake become Holy.

The dunes outside the town become a great camel park.

The fairground with Ferris wheels

The Mela & Gayitri Hill Temple

Camels enjoying the Mela

Camels being social at Pushkar

A camel with decorations clipped and shaved

Some camels have lovely coats

The Supremes

Relaxed Camels

Young camels are brought to be traded or sold.

The camel dung industry, collected for immediate re-sale

Making chappattis, cooking with camel dung

At the Best Decorated camel Competition

The Decorated Camel Competition

A camel will endure

Pantomime Horse Dance

The winner